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My Horoscope!!!!!!!

Pisceans are generally patient and gentle. You would love to be with any Pisces for their amiable and easygoing nature. People who belong to this zodiac sign are generally popular with everybody around them. They usually don't rush and take time till the things settle down. The Pisces people are helping souls. They make it a point to be beside their friends and acquaintances in the time of their need. Emotional beings they can also be immensely practical when the situation demands. If they are not content with a particular issue they just voice their thoughts and don't think what the others would feel about it. They are rebels who deny living their life in confinement or under anybody.
People born under this zodiac sign are mostly rewarded with money and fame. The quality of quick understanding and a strong intuition lead them to success. Generally people under the Pisces sun sign excel in the fields of literature, art and music because of their immense love for beauty and nature. The intense bond that they share with the Mother Nature make those frequent travelers as their search for the eternal beauty remains unattained. As far as relationships are concerned, they generally prefer long term relationships. Faithful and loyal they seem to be attached to their partner mentally more than physically. They are rumored to be possessive as the intense love for their partner often makes them insecure. But if handled with care, love and understanding, they can be as good. If you are engaged to a Piscean try to understand your partner. Being rude can worsen things.
The Pisceans could be very good secretaries and nurses as they are good communicators and care for the others. Acting, law, nursing, astronomy, traveling and business are the perfect professions they can go for as they can earn both money and fame in these fields.
Pisces people are compassionate and loving by nature by there is only one problem with them, the duality in their nature, which is symbolized by the two fishes facing in opposite directions. They enjoy in being self sacrificing. Being the last of all the sun signs Pisces often reflect characteristics of all the other sun signs. They have the courage to not only feel there own pain but also that of others who are close to them. They have the reputation of going with the tide rather than trying to bring about any changes in the surroundings. They are extremely flexible to others.

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